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The Positive Birth Book Visual Birth Plan

The Positive Birth Book Visual Birth Plan

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We now have a fantastic free website where you can choose from all the visual birth plan icons from The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill, or create your own bespoke icons, to create a personalised visual birth plan (VBP) that you can then download and share with your care providers as you make decisions about your birth.

More details on how to put together your very own VBP can be found in Chapter 6 of the bestselling The Positive Birth Book, which talks you through all the different decisions you might make, and gives examples of VBPs for a range of different scenarios, including home and hospital births.

Please note that the icons are for your private use only and may not be shared, sold or reproduced without written permission from Pinter & Martin.

The VBP icons are illustrated by Kate Evans.

If you would rather simply download the icons to cut out at home, instead of using the interactive website, just add the VBP to your basket and check out. Your order confirmation email will contain a link to download your file, or you can download your file from the order confirmation page.

Please note that these are available for free worldwide, but we only ship books to the UK. If you are outside the UK, please do not add anything else to your basket.


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