Collection: Kiki Morriss

Kiki started her yoga career in 2000, teaching a class of energetic 2 year olds. This baptism of fire, and her own introduction to yoga as a child, are the inspiration behind her passion and commitment to finding innovative, creative and authentic ways to share yoga with children – both in schools, yoga studios and at home with her own family. She wants children to enjoy yoga because she knows how incredibly good it is for them and how great it can make them feel.

Kiki believes family yoga can play a key role in bringing yoga to the heart of a home and a child's life. This early exposure to yoga lays the foundations for the teen and adult years, acting as powerful, preventative medicine and supporting good mental, physical and emotional health throughout life.

Kiki has worked in some of London's top teaching hospitals. She combines her medical knowledge and yoga experience to help adults and children with medical conditions, including arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, eating disorders, insomnia and stroke.

Kiki writes a regular column for Om Yoga Magazine about the anatomy and alignment of yoga poses. She writes about yoga for local and national magazines and newspapers, international lifestyle websites and medical journals.

Kiki has narrated Becalmed, an album of Yoga Nidra meditations available on iTunes. Her website is