Collection: David Charlton

David grew up in London and originally studied mechanical engineering. Before pursuing yoga full time he worked as a software engineer. Always interested in yoga and eastern philosophy, he completed an MA in Buddhist philosophy in 1993 and has travelled widely in India and South East Asia. He and his wife Gail both teach yoga from their own studio, Living Yoga, in Malvern near Worcester.

Ranju Roy and David Charlton are two of the most respected and well-loved yoga teachers in the UK today. In 2004 they founded Sadhana Mala, an organisation that specialises in teacher training, study courses and retreats.

Both Ranju and David studied with Paul Harvey in the UK, Peter Hersnack in France and TKV Desikachar in Chennai. They have led training courses for Viniyoga Britain, the Association of Yoga Studies and the British Wheel of Yoga. They have taught many yoga classes, retreats and workshops around the UK and Ireland and are interested in developing ways of practicing that both respect tradition and also the realities of present day life in the West.

Together Ranju and David have produced and sold 13 booklets under the Funky Guru imprint; Learning to Chant the Yoga Sutra, a set of 4 CDS; and have produced over 150 short video films for their bespoke online yoga training course. Embodying the Yoga Sutra is their first traditionally published book, part-funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign.