Collection: Ranju Roy

Ranju is of mixed Indian and English heritage, born in India and brought up in England. He has travelled extensively in India. He worked for 12 years in the NHS as an art therapist and family therapist and has considerable experience of counselling and therapy with individuals and groups. He lives in Wellington, Somerset, where he and his wife Lindy run their own studio, Yoga Mala.

Ranju Roy and David Charlton are two of the most respected and well-loved yoga teachers in the UK today. In 2004 they founded Sadhana Mala, an organisation that specialises in teacher training, study courses and retreats.

Both Ranju and David studied with Paul Harvey in the UK, Peter Hersnack in France and TKV Desikachar in Chennai. They have led training courses for Viniyoga Britain, the Association of Yoga Studies and the British Wheel of Yoga. They have taught many yoga classes, retreats and workshops around the UK and Ireland and are interested in developing ways of practicing that both respect tradition and also the realities of present day life in the West.

Ranju is also the sole author of Yoga as Pilgrimage: Sūtras for a Modern Age (Sadhanamala publications, 2024).