Collection: Milli Hill

Milli Hill is a writer, feminist and freelance journalist with a passion for reframing the narrative around women’s bodies. As well as The Positive Birth Book, she is also the author of Give Birth like a Feminist and My Period (for preteen girls).

From 2012 to 2021 she founded and ran the Positive Birth Movement, a global network of antenatal discussion groups aimed at improving birth and giving women better access to support and information.

As a journalist since 2013 she has written for many publications including the Telegraph, Mail, Guardian, Independent, ipaper and Mother&Baby, and has appeared on BBC Radio 2, BBC 5 Live, talkradio, LBC and many leading podcasts. She is a member of the advisory group for Sex Matters and lives in Somerset with her partner and three children.

Twitter: @millihill 
Instagram: @milli.hill 
Facebook: @millihillwriter