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The Breast Book

The Breast Book

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"...what a gap in the market this book is about to fill. Finally, gone are the days of those cursory nods to breasts in books about puberty. The Breast Book is ‘A puberty guide with a difference – it’s the when, why and how of breasts’ and It. Is. Brilliant. A must read for girls approaching puberty, their parents, and a fantastic resource for schools. ...every section is fascinating and necessary in giving girls the full picture when it come to understanding their breasts." Jo, Tales from the Mother Side

When breasts first start to grow, no one talks about it. There aren't any greetings cards that say, 'Woo Hoo! Your breasts are developing!' but you get a birthday card when you are ten and that's just about planet Earth going around the Sun ten times.

Why don't we say, 'Woo Hoo!'? Because we live in a society where we often get uncomfortable and look at the floor when it comes to talking about breasts. They seem to be important in lots of ways but then there are these confusing rules that say when we're allowed to notice them and talk about them, and when we're not.

Your body has looked the same for a long time and now things are changing. That can take some getting used to. We'll hear from teenagers and mothers, women remembering their first bra and some remembering their last. We also hear from Jack describing his long journey as a trans man. This book tells you all about breasts and helps you to feel confident about their arrival. They are much more than just a pair of bumps that can fit into a bra. Breasts can do amazing things that scientists are only beginning to understand. This book says, 'Woo Hoo!' and 'Wow!' and 'Isn't that amazing?' It says, 'Congratulations!' and also says, 'I know this feels a bit weird too.'

Let's get to know more about our two lifelong buddies with the WHEN, HOW and WHY of breasts.

ISBN: 9781780664750

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