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Nurturing Your Family with Yoga

Nurturing Your Family with Yoga

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'Without doubt this is the most inspiring book I have seen on yoga for children and their parents. I recommend everyone have a copy on their book shelves, or better still, opened for practice!' Ginny Bradley, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Coach For Children

'This is a classic book, inviting parents to enjoy ‘doing yoga’ with their children. The clear, simple structure of the book, the carefully crafted yet creative and relaxed style, the beautiful settings and the inspiring photographs all make it look possible.' Françoise Freedman, Founder and Director of Birthlight

Nurturing Your Family With Yoga is an essential guide to the practice of yoga for families and children, demonstrating how yoga can be a real part of everyday family life and bring happiness and harmony to the home. Illustrated with beautiful, inspiring photographs of children and adults practising yoga together, and with clear, concise explanations, the book is packed with fun and practical suggestions for incorporating yoga into daily life, including:

  • The A-Z of Yoga - a wonderful, engaging game that introduces children to 26 classic yoga poses
  • Breathing exercises to strengthen and balance the nervous system and to steady the mind
  • Visualisations to reduce anxiety and build resilience
  • Yoga in Bed sequence to help children settle down and sleep well

With guided meditations, affirmations and reflections that will inspire and inform interesting and thoughtful discussions with children, as well as tips and tricks for adults to help you share yoga successfully, Nurturing Your Family With Yoga is all you need to help you foster health and wellbeing for your whole family.

ISBN: 9781906756802

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