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Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: Yoga Through the Seasons

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: Yoga Through the Seasons

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Focusing on the seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer rekindles our relationship with nature. Every season has its own special quality: the withdrawal of energy in autumn, the silent stillness of winter, the push to emerge and grow in spring and the expansive exuberance of summer.

Taking a journey through the cycles of the year, Sandra Sabatini and Silvia Mori open up a dialogue between the body and its surroundings. They invite a calm and easy flow of breath that takes us into a state of quietness and lightness. This book offers a series of simple positions for experiment and play.

Reading this book, season after season, and practicing as the days go by, will enchant.

ISBN: 9781905177103

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