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Many parents worry about their child’s sleep, and parents of new babies are often exhausted – but there is hope.

This realistic, reassuring, and refreshing guide to sleep looks at sleep for both parents and children, and aims to empower and encourage parents to feel calm, confident and compassionate in their parenting. It strikes a balance between prioritising infant and child mental health and attachment, and being compassionate about the reality of raising a family in today’s society, with social support and understanding often in short supply.

With practical and easily implementable ideas, and clear explanation of the many myths surrounding infant and baby sleep, this gentle and holistic guide is sure to allay many parents’ fears and help everyone in the family get the rest they need.

"Lyndseys approach to supporting parents with their baby and young child’s sleep is both warm, realistic and accessible, rooted in the current evidence base. Her work builds on the understanding of children’s needs and the science of sleep, whilst protecting and nurturing the bond and connection between the parent and child and all we know about the importance of loving relationships, babies and brain development whilst protecting the breastfeeding relationship." Zoe Faulkner IBCLC, Chair of LCGB 

"Few can do what Lyndsey does. She connects the science and the detail with the emotion and experience of new parenting and communicates it all in a way we can understand." Emma Pickett IBCLC and author of The Breast Book

"Bless you, Lyndsey Hookway. You have done it again. Parents need solid, compassionate, and evidence based information when it comes to sleep and the health of their wee ones. Lyndsey Hookway knows how to deliver this information with an emphasis on relationships at the core of solving sleep issues. One of the best investments you will ever make for your family is to focus on health supportive activities like sleep and this book will help every family find the balance and tools necessary." Laurel Wilson IBCLC, TEDx Speaker, Author 

"Lyndsey's work is a breath of fresh air as it offers families evidence-based, non-judgmental, and practical advice that doesn't ignore that there are real people with real feelings who are struggling with their baby's sleep. Her compassion for their struggles is clear without compromising on the gentle nature of her advice and this helps set her apart." Tracy Cassels, PhD 

"In Let's talk about your new family's sleep Lyndsey is inviting new parents into an honest, heartfelt, compassionate conversation about the realities of infant and toddler sleep. Backed by science, this is an evidence-based resource that will empower parents to realise that they are the answer their baby is looking for. Why? Because, as Lyndsey so eloquently describes, nighttime parenting isn't about a set of strategies, it's about relationship. I'd encourage all parents to pick up this book with an open mind and a soft heart as you bravely emerge into the parent your baby needs you to be so that you can thrive alongside one other after the sun goes down." Tracy Gillett, writer and advocate

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2020 | paperback | 288pp | 234x155mm
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Reassuring and full of realistic advice

Emma Patel on 1st Nov 2020

As a first time mum I had no idea how much anxiety I would have around sleep. This book provides genuinely gentle (no crying it out here) advice and a realistic framework for improving sleep that is based in evidence. I feel more relaxed about sleep and confident that I can work to optimise sleep during development changes as and when the occur.