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You matter. Your body matters.

Pregnancy and birth may be everyday occurrences, but they are not easy, and the after-affects can be wide-ranging and sometimes difficult to live with.

Taking care of your physical and mental health is paramount, not only because a healthy, happy you will be more able to cope with the demands of parenthood, but because you are still the whole human being you were before you conceived, and you deserve to recover and thrive.

With proper care postnatally, we can strengthen and support our bodies to recover – and maintain optimal physical health for life.

This book aims to hold your hand and lift you up as you navigate your new body, giving you information to help you to relish motherhood, not just survive it. It deals comprehensively with the common bodily changes you may experience after birth, explaining what is normal and what may need attention.

Research and interviews with health experts are complemented by women’s experiences of how they overcame a range of physical challenges postpartum, including stories that often go untold. The book does not shy away from tackling the hardest aspects of postnatal recovery, but aims to be hopeful and genuinely helpful.

Not only will you understand your body better, but you’ll also gain confidence that you can and will get back to optimum health. Your Postnatal Body is relevant for everyone who’s given birth, whether you are a brand-new first-time mum or already a few years (or decades!) into motherhood.

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2022 | paperback | 288pp | 234x155mm

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A brilliant read

Jess on 16th Nov 2022

I really enjoyed this book - full of supportive information on how to look after yourself (and allow others to look after you) after having a baby