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All babies need feeding – and yet in modern life something so simple has become an issue fraught with difficulty for new parents. Society, politics and culture have worked together to create a situation where parents are presented with a ‘choice’ – breast or bottle? Such a ‘choice’ implies that the product (the milk) and the method of delivery (breast or bottle) are equal, but is this true?

In many countries bottle-feeding has become so common that it is never questioned, and indeed is often seen as the answer to parents’ problems. Not sleeping at night? Not enough milk? Mum needs medication? Reach for the formula. Every day women are told by their friends, family and even their doctors that bottle-feeding is the answer. Yet research shows that most mothers want to breastfeed, and that babies who are not breastfed are at increased risk of illness.

Why Breastfeeding Matters tackles some of these issues head-on, in a frank discussion intended to help parents and others navigate the world of infant feeding. It is neither preachy nor a ‘how-to’ manual; it outlines some of the reasons why breastfeeding matters, to mothers and their babies, and explains how these issues can affect the way in which mothers use bottles and formula if they need to. Drawing on research, and the author’s experience as a lactation consultant, it is essential reading for anyone wondering about how to feed their new baby.

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2016 | paperback | 192pp | 172x111mm
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Jade on 3rd Dec 2016

This book is nothing short of amazing. It is such an easy read, capturing you to carry on reading. Charlotte's humor comes through at times which for me made the book feel personal, intimate and genuine, she doesn't shout information at you, she explains and explains things beautifully in a way new/upcoming parents need to hear, to allow them the chance to make a truly informed decision on how they feed their baby. You can see the passion and dedication she has put into this book (and her job as an IBCLC), it is highly referenced throughout, the number of references is unbelievable. Why Breastfeeding Matters is what every HCP who deals with families should read, it could be a game changer to how they approach the subject of infant feeding. Charlotte makes it crystal clear from the very first page that she advocates choice, how a woman chooses to feed her baby is her choice, her baby, her journey and she sticks to her words until the very end. Fantastic read, I will be recommending to family and friends. P.S, the book size is perfect, small enough to be held with one hand, making it perfect for passing time during growth spurts or cluster feeding ;)

Every Midwife, Health Visitor & GP should be given this book!

Debra Abbas, infant feeding coordinator, nurse (GN), midwife (RM) & International Board Certified La on 17th Nov 2016

Every Midwife, Health Visitor & GP should be given this book! "Why Breastfeeding Matters" is about much more than its title implies. It's almost poetic in its descriptive nature to help readers visualise what is being described, which alongside the critical evaluation of current research, results in a fantastic, unique approach to the subject of infant feeding. This is not a boring run of the mill breastfeeding book, it's a really easy read which is extremely well written and well referenced. It will be compulsory reading for all my students and strongly recommended for all new mums, peer supporters and health professionals involved in the care and feeding of babies.