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Bursting with practical ideas, reassurances and collected wisdoms, "When Your Baby Cries" will restore your sanity. Bestselling childcare author Deborah Jackson reminds us that babies soak up all the love we have to give. Here are ten effective ways to care for even the most distressed baby, while looking after your own needs as well as boosting your confidence. You can learn how to relax, become your own expert and deal with unwanted advice. You can find out how crying works and why it gets out of control. You can discover babies' secret signals and how to cope with colic. Crying babies and harassed parents everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: here is a way to restore the harmony of family life. It comes with a new foreword by the author.

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2009 | paperback | 160pp | 198x129mm
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A truthful book

Barbara Higham on 6th Apr 2012

I don't like prescriptive child-care manuals, I prefer to follow my instincts when it comes to parenting. The title led me to expect that I wouldn't care for this book. I was wrong. Deborah Jackson's ñrulesî are no more than common sense, the collected wisdom of human evolution. There is nothing of the popular Gina Ford-type guru about Jackson. She speaks from experience as the mother of three herself and along with the shared wisdom, she provides a fascinating anthropological perspective with snippets of research and tales from other cultures to illustrate her recommendations. The accessible style and presentation of the information with readouts headed ñDid you know?î and a summary of each chapter ñin a nutshellî means that a mum with a crying baby might actually find the time to read and digest what Jackson has to offer and it's certainly well worth reading.

A must have book for all Mums to be, their partners and families!

J Tonkin on 6th Apr 2012

Oh My Word! What an absolutely amazing book!!! It is empowering, honest and full of extremely useful information!! Tear up the other guru books that believe in controlled crying, set routines etc and read this one! Deborah Jackson is a fantastic author, it is well written and very easy to read, I read it in 2 sittings when my little one was asleep! She is a great advocate for breastfeeding, co-sleeping, skin to skin, baby wearing. The information given on all of the above subjects, and many more, is eye opening, fact filled and interesting. This is a MUST HAVE book for every single mum to be! They should read it, then give it to their partner to read, then their family and their partners family to ensure that the new mum gets the support that she needs with the decisions that she makes! A fantastic book!

When your baby cries

Aisling Cartin on 6th Apr 2012

The title of this book does not do it justice. The minute I read '10 rules for soothing fretful babies and their parents' I rolled my eyes and thought that Deborah Jackson would be another dis-empowering childcare guru like Ford. So, it rook me quite a while to open the book. I was wrong. The simplistic layout and style of this book make it easy to read in a few sittings. The author does not set herself up as an"expert" but offers mother-centered anecdotes that will empower parents. Deborah promotes breastfeeding, co-sleeping, kangaroo care and baby wearing, backing up her statements with research and facts from other cultures. The book enables parents to discover that the only "expert" when it comes to their child is themselves. A great read!!

You Are The Still Waters

Karen Hall on 6th Apr 2012

You get the sense that, when giving the book its subtitle '10 Rules for soothing fretful babies (and their parents)' Deborah Jackson's tongue was firmly in her cheek, as the basic tenet of the book is that there are very few rules, only a handful of general guidelines that each parent will apply in their own way. The rules' in the book are based around learning about babies, and specifically, learning about your own baby, so that each parent finds their own way to respond. There is an emphasis on understanding and meeting the baby's needs through love and attention, as opposed to trying to make the baby conform to modern notions of good behaviour. Scattered throughout the text, quotations, statistics and facts about baby care in other cultures illustrate the author's gentle suggestions and explanations. The first, and probably most important of these, is to relax. Motherhood maximises our potential for guilt, anxiety, self-doubt, and sleep-deprived irritability; inner calm can be hard to find. Other rules' include carrying baby in a sling, establishing a support network, and not bothering too much about the housework, all of which I fully agree with. This book is firmly based at the attachment end of the parenting spectrum, but without any smug or judgmental tone. It allows space for parents to find their own style, and to cuddle their babies as much as they want to.

Trust your instincts!

Beth Wells on 6th Apr 2012

This is a great book for new parents as it give you the confidence to trust your instincts. Importantly, it is based on research and all of the "rules" are backed up with facts and real-life information. The title is very clever - a parent may pick this book up whilst looking for a "rule" book and find that there is a gentle way of parenting. It is a very easy book to read and is broken up into manageable sections so you can pick it up and read a bit when you have five minutes. Deborah Jackson is an engaging, intelligent author and I highly recommend this book.

Calming, reassuring, empowering

Jil Manning on 6th Apr 2012

Calming, enlightening, empoweringƒ Deborah Jackson has written a book which comes as close as any to achieving all three for the carers of crying babies. She understands the anxiety, desperation, guilt and sense of failure which can so easily overcome parents who are struggling with an unsettled babe. The book is laid out with stressed parents in mind, perfect for people who need comfort and reassurance in small doses, who haven't the time or concentration to spare on a weighty and prescriptive tome. Thought-provoking facts on parenting and babies intersperse longer passages of comforting, non-judgemental and pressure-releasing narrative. She reminds parents that they are the ones who know their baby best, and that it can be better in the long run to learn to listen to their instincts rather than slavishly following a set of rules in a book or taking on board lots of well-meant but often conflicting advice. Despite the tag-line to its title, this is not a book about rules. It's a book about reminders of how humans all over the world instinctively care for and live with young babies. She explains how adopting some of these natural practices, especially baby-wearing, breastfeeding on demand and co-sleeping can diffuse the tension that can escalate the problem of crying. In fact she points out, that sometimes babies just cry, for reasons other than a medical problem or specific discomfort. She suggests encircling' and 'encompassing' the crying, rather than trying to suppress it. What a relief! This book nurtures stressed parents and reminds them of their instinctive wisdom. Highly recommended for anyone who is stressed by a crying baby.

When your baby cries

Tamara Leggett on 6th Apr 2012

What a refreshing and welcome change to some of the other, schedule-based parenting books on the market. Jackson's style is compassionate and non-judgemental, and her subject well-researched. Easily read in one or two sittings, When Your Baby Cries' is split into ten chapters, or rules', on why babies cry and what you might do to soothe them. Jackson's message is to relax and communicate with your baby _ your baby, not a clock, will tell you when s/he is hungry or tired... The book is attachment parenting-focused _ having read Deborah Jackson's Three in a Bed' I expected it to be _ but every parent, AP or not, will have something to take away from this.