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Many mothers and those who support them do not know that they can experience negative emotions associated with breastfeeding. In modern society breastfeeding is often used – problematically – to exemplify myths about motherhood and maternal love, and is bound up with ideas of what makes a ‘good mother’. In this context nursing aversion and agitation – intense, distressing feelings that are experienced by the mother during breastfeeding – can be both unexpected and hugely upsetting, particularly when women may have already overcome significant challenges in order to breastfeed.

In When Breastfeeding Sucks Zainab Yate examines what we know about this poorly understood aspect of infant feeding, in a carefully researched discussion that will be valuable for individual mothers who may be suffering, and the breastfeeding supporters who work to support them.

 "Zainab’s book brings insight and nuance to this neglected area of the breastfeeding conversation." Milli Hill, author of The Positive Birth Book and Give Birth Like a Feminist

"Without denying breastfeeding’s importance, this original book explores the reality that, for some women, it can be hard. An important book that will help not only mothers, but also those who care for them." Maureen Minchin, author of Milk Matters: Infant Feeding and Immune Disorder

"Zainab has collated all the information — the biological and psychological and anthropological — together with stories, hints & tips and important resources, and it's a masterpiece! In this often strangely-divided world of infant feeding, she's the one brave enough to talk about how much it can SUCK, then gives tools to cope and overcome this without being told to simply stop! This is an absolute must-read for anyone in the peripartum industry to understand the true emotional complexities of breastfeeding, and to know how to provide better support. And for those going through it [to know] that they are not alone." Johanna Sargeant, IBCLC, Milk and Motherhood

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Essential information

Greet Janssens on 26th Jun 2021

Mrs Yate has filled a big gap with this book where many others have only described briefly what has often been the reason to curtail breastfeeding journeys or at least make it a great deal less enjoyable. Reading it from cover to cover when in need of essential information was not doable but I’d much enjoy hearing her narrate the book now that I’m out of the throws of the horrible aversion. I’d recommend this book to any mother experiencing difficult feelings during and around breastfeeding. Thank you Ms Yate!

This book saved me from spiralling into despair with breastfeeding

Kelly Gallagher on 8th Mar 2021

Zainab Yate's book, When Breastfeeding Sucks is a much needed resource for those experiencing or supporting someone with breastfeeding aversion or agitation. Her writing style is wonderful and I appreciated the meticulous and in depth research into the subject matter. I recomend this book to anybody breastfeeding as I suspect more women experience BAA than we know. The feeling of being understood and having practical steps to take to address issues is so wonderful. I cried tears of relief when reading. I am full of praise for this book. I would say that is hard to carve out time and space to read when feeling so tired and experiencing aversion. In addition I have a visual imapirment so would very much appreciate an audiobook version.

I highly recommend this book!

S. McLennon IBCLC on 22nd Jan 2021

This book was obviously a labour of love for the author. Ms. Yate takes a risk by unveiling a negative aspect of breastfeeding, however she does it in a way that is supportive of the breastfeeding relationship by providing information to help with aversion. By addressing the many potential causes of aversion, the book provides a robust explanation of different mother's experiences and how they managed. This book could be read by the breastfeeding helper or the mom who is experiencing aversion. Having heard Ms. Yate speak on the topic in the past, I can imagine her soothing vocals reading each word to me. Ms. Yate's writing reflects a caring perspective for women as a helper and someone whom experienced aversion in her own breastfeeding experience. It is obvious that this topic is near and dear to Ms. Yate's heart and I recommend this book to anyone who supports breastfeeding women or the mom needing to resolve her own aversion experience. S. McLennon, IBCLC

Priceless information!

Cass Christopher on 12th Jan 2021

This book is an invaluable resource to any mother who may be experiencing uncomfortable emotions during her breastfeeding journey. As a lactation professional, I am so glad to have read so that I can refer clients to this book when they are struggling with aversion or agitation. A huge thank you to Zainab Yate for researching this understudied topic so that the rest of us can learn more about it.

What an essential read!

Allison Walsh IBCLC on 12th Jan 2021

Thank you Ms. Yate for filling a gap in knowledge about aversion during lactation that benefits parents and professionals alike. When Breastfeeding Sucks balances data and rationale with practical advice and humanity. I highly appreciate and recommend this important book and hope it makes it into the hands of those who need it most.

Required Reading For Anyone working with Breastfeeding Familiesith

LaShanda Dandrich on 12th Jan 2021

This is a must read for thise working with Breastfeeding familes and such a wonderful resource for Lactating individuals. It has added new insight to my practice and I am happy I will be able to offer this resource to clients.

Much needed book

Tova on 12th Jan 2021

This book was a pleasure to read, despite the heavy topic. Parents need to know they're not alone in their feelings, and this book also helps us try to figure out why we're having those feelings, and offers suggestions on how to help.

A must read

Sam on 17th Dec 2020

I wish this book was written sooner. It has had a huge impact on my life but sadly I only read it after I had to stop breastfeeding due to aversion. I now give this book as a gift to all new mums. If you are reading these reviews wondering if the book is worth it - the answer is YES!