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The Whole Body Breathing offers a clear practice. The simplicity of this practice will have a profound effect on your whole body, and will guide you in the gradual discovery of the vitality of your spine.

Sequences of walking, standing, sitting and lying down will nurture and revitalise the whole body, uncovering and awakening special places along the spine. Explore the reality of rooting into the earth and expanding into space at the same time.

Following in the footsteps of Vanda Scaravelli's teaching, where awareness, breath and freedom are the essential elements, The Whole Body Breathing stimulates and supports yoga students and teachers alike in the lifelong yoga journey, with joy and playfulness.

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Sandra Sabatini, Michal Havkin, Watercolours by Orly Maiberg
2018 | paperback | 144pp | 210x200mm
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Whole Body Breathing

John Carter on 7th May 2020

A beautiful pragmatic book opening the door to a deep, gentle and profound relationship to our breath. The suggestions for practice are simple, maybe different to what you might expect, but so effective.

Beautifully produced book

Rehana Jawadwala on 24th Jul 2019

I find the practice of yoga is an exploratory trip inwards. More than any other practice, here my body and breath come together to reveal aspects of me that sometimes I need to experience rather than run away from. When my breath shows my body the direction and the connections it needs to make, my body follows… those are good days. I have long been a student of my breath and body connections. However, along the way you get into the trap of routines, into known rhythms simply because they may be comfortable. The Whole Body Breathing is a book that broke some patterns for me. The simple explorations in the book are accessible and clearly explained, the nuances of these delicately and dynamically captured by artist Orly Maiberg with her wonderful watercolours. This is a visual book with text that has simple instruction-based messages. It works really well. No theory, no preconceived expectations or need for outcomes. Sandra’s own words captures the essence of this powerful book beautifully, “No ambition and infinite time”. That is all you need to bring to your practice and you too may find a part of you that you had long forgotten.