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As revealing as Freakonomics, shocking as Fast Food Nation and thought-provoking as "No Logo", The Politics of Breastfeeding exposes infant feeding as one of the most important public health issues of our time. Every thirty seconds a baby dies from infections due to a lack of breastfeeding and the use of bottles, artificial milks and other risky products.

In her powerful book Gabrielle Palmer describes how big business uses subtle techniques to pressure parents to use alternatives to breastmilk. The infant feeding product companies' thirst for profit systematically undermines mothers' confidence in their ability to breastfeed their babies. An essential and inspirational eye-opener, The Politics of Breastfeeding challenges our complacency about how we feed our children and radically reappraises a subject which concerns not only mothers, but everyone: man or woman, parent or childless, old or young.

3rd fully revised and updated edition.

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2009 | paperback | 432pp | 216x135mm

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Breastfeeding on 30th Aug 2018

Still so relevant and informative

Only read if you don't mind getting angry!

Laura on 12th Jun 2012

This book was a real eye opener, and made me think, if things are this bad about baby milk, I'd hate to know more about oil. Seriously, if you like politics this is a fascinating read.