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How does the situation we're in influence the way we behave and think? Professors Ross and Nisbett eloquently argue that the context we find ourselves in substantially affects our behavior in this timely reissue of one of social psychology's classic textbooks. With a new foreword by Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point.

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2011 | paperback | 288pp | 233x161mm
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Excellent social psychology book

Kris De Meyer on 29th Feb 2016

I've read quite a few social psychology books by now and this is hands down one of the best. Ross and Nisbett tackle the big fault line that has existed for decades between personality psychology (which tries to explain individual differences in terms of personality traits), and social psychology, which looks more at the situation in which the behaviour takes places. It's a nuanced account, and gives great insights into the human condition from page 1. Highly recommended!

A very informative read!

Alyson on 6th Apr 2012

I found this book to be very well written, giving a thoruogh insight into the major research and philosopies within Social Psychology. I didn't read this book for study purposes so it was a little difficult to get through given the academic language but I imagine it would be a fantastic companion to anyone studying Social Psychology. I am a psychology graduate but I didn't opt to take social psychology as a major option in my degree so this book really added to my knowledge and understanding while also acting as a reminder of what I had previously learned. It's well refenced and would be very useful for essay or report writing. Overall I would definatley recommend this book. well written, well refenced and a great overview!