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When a little girls baby brother is born, she begins to investigate the mystery of the breast as she sees her mother breastfeed the new arrival. This beautifully illustrated book reminds children and adults alike of the special bond between mother and baby, and is especially suited to be read with older siblings of breastfed babies.

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2011 | paperback | 32pp | 210x210mm
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Absolutely Wonderful

Hayley Jamison-Maybury on 27th Jul 2012

We are expecting our second baby in a few weeks and this book has become a favourite in our house. It's honest and not patronising at all but totally perfect for explaining to our 3 year old how important breastfeeding will be, and that mommy will need his help to stop and make sure baby is fed. <p>It shows some really positive images of parenting with baby in a sling and all the family pulling together for mum and the new arrival. <p>I will be buying this book for everyone that is expecting and has a young child already - it's wonderful.

The Mystery of the Breast

Toni Tweddle on 7th May 2012

A charming book that is wonderful for sharing with children who have a new younger sibling. It answers all the questions a child might have whilst remaining a sweet and loving story, perfect in every way. I have recommended this book to several mums I know.

The Mystery of the Breast

Anna Hughes on 7th May 2012

I had read Monica Calaf's book about breast-feeding for children: You, me and the breast, and thought it was really good. I am pleased to say that this one is even better! It is just perfect for a older sibling of a new born who may be a bit jealous just why it is so important for their brother/sister to get milk from mummy so often. I also found it very enjoyable to read myself, especailly as most books about breast-feeding are in very much scientific terms and it just made a refreshing change to read in simplistic, yet really beautful terms why is is so good for mother and baby :)

A perfect book for the arrival of a new baby

Lisa Raynes on 23rd Apr 2012

This book is beautifully written and illustrated and is perfect to read in preparation for the arrival of a new baby. It is a great book to share with an older sibling in anticipation of the birth of their new brother or sister but also a way to positively depict breastfeeding which is seriously lacking in many children's books.

Perfect for curious little minds

R Gautreau on 6th Apr 2012

This is a beautifully illustrated picture book for any child that spends time around young babies, has a brother or sister on the way or just a few questions! It manages to get across key points about breastfeeding in a simple way children can understand. I love the line 'What is in breast milk that makes my brother smile, without a care in the world?' accompanied by a picture of a 'milk happy' looking baby.

Beautiful book!!

Aisling Cartin on 6th Apr 2012

A beautiful book that associates the arrival of a new baby with familial happiness and positivity. It looks at the special bond between mother and breastfeeding child using humans and other mammals. It talks of how a mother understands her baby through love. This is a beautiful way to describe to a small child how a mother learns her baby's feeding cues. It is aimed at younger children.

A lovely book for an older sibling with a baby on the way

J Tonkin on 6th Apr 2012

We have a little boy on the way so this book was perfect for reading to my inquisitive 3 year old son on the run up to the birth! My son is still breastfed and this story helped to explain just how much the new baby will be feeding, waking in the night, being carried and so on. The pictures are great and there is a picture of the whole family in bed together which is lovely. This book has led to many discussions with my son about the new baby and answered lots of questions too.

Lovely picture book to share with a toddler or older sibling

Jax Blunt on 6th Apr 2012

This is a lovely picture book to share with an older child when a new baby is due or arrived. I've found my older children didn't remember being breastfed themselves, so having a book to share to discuss it with my toddler when next baby is due soon is a great idea. The pictures are clear and engaging to spark discussion on everything around baby's arrival, and lovely to see a sling included too.