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What do a Dutch university lecturer, a US Marine, a Scottish artist, and an English engineer have in common? They have all experienced the transformative power of home birth, and their stories - and many others - are told in this groundbreaking book. As hospital-based maternity services become increasingly medicalised, more and more parents are deciding that birth belongs in the home. For many women, this choice may be an easy one, but for their partners, home birth raises some serious questions. For the first time, The Father's Home Birth Handbook provides a resource aimed specifically at exploring men's hopes and fears around home birth. Thorough research, balanced discussion, and dozens of home birth stories from real men all over the world make this book essential reading for all fathers-to-be and the professionals who support them.

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2010 | paperback | 208pp | 175x135mm
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The fathers home Birth handbook

Anita on 15th Jun 2020

I gave this as a present and the soon to be Dad was really happy with it, saying how it was particularly welcome as it Is helping him to feel connected during the time of Covid19 with him not being able to accompany his partner to he hospital for check ups and scans - he said it’s really valuable for him to have a book specifically written for men, giving him ways to get empowered in supporting his partner.

The Father's Home Birth Handbook

Ann Altman on 6th Apr 2012

No matter where you are planning for your baby to be born, this is a book for your partner to read! Fathers tell stories in their own words; Leah Hazard provides wisdom and essential facts.

The Father's Home Birth Handbook

Annalisa Barbieri on 6th Apr 2012

Like The Politics of Breastfeeding, this is SUCH an important book. In my experience, as co-founder of a parenting website, and personally speaking, it's often the fathers who are nervous of home births, or more so than the women. This book is so well written, friendly and 'hand-holdy' but authoritative. I had a HBAC and whilst I take full credit for doing it (!) this book was a very valuable tool in convincing my partner that we were making the right choice for us. If this comment box weren't so small I'd write an entire essay about how fantastic this book is. Buy it, you will never regret it.