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Do bottle fed babies sleep better and feed longer than breastfed babies? Are modern formula milks as good as breastmilk? Are breastfed babies woozies that want picking up all the time? And is it really easier and more convenient to bottle-feed? Many women thinking about breastfeeding their babies are put off by rumours and myths. In their award-winning, beautifully illustrated book infant feeding specialist Val Finigan and embroidery artist Lou Gardiner's tackle commonly held beliefs about breastfeeding with wisdom, warmth and wit.

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2009 | paperback | 48pp | 210x210mm
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Beautiful and informative

Hayley Jamison-Maybury on 5th Jul 2012

I love this book for so many reasons, it's so unusual in its design I found myself examining all the illustrations before starting on reading the content! It is easy to read but also really imformative, would make a wonderful gift for a new/expectant mom as its very gentle in how the information is given (which at a time when everyone wants to give you advice is a really good thing!)

Saggy Boobs and other breastfeeding myths

Karen Hall on 6th Apr 2012

This is a fabulous little book! It may be a light read, but it is certainly not light on evidence-based information. Dispelling breastfeeding myths is one of my main aims in antenatal classes, and the myths appear to be limitless: babies get the runs when you eat curry, champagne gives them hiccups, you end up with boobs like spaniels' ears, and of course you're at the beck and call of a miniature tyrant who never learns to sleep, if you breastfeed. I love the clear, factual answers, especially the response to modern formula milks are as good as breastmilk,' which I might memorise. Each page includes the most amazing embroidered illustrations by Lou Gardiner, and the whole book is so unique, accessible and appealing that I think it should be standard issue for expectant mothers.