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Feeding your baby is a big part of the first year. It can be an exciting and enjoyable time but also one that can raise many questions and concerns. What to give them? How much? And when? It can feel like everyone has an opinion on what you should do and what worked for them, with a confusing array of information online to wade through.

Let's talk about feeding your baby helps support you through this. Covering breast and formula feeding, mixed feeding, starting solids and more, this supportive and non-judgemental guide brings you the evidence, top tips and lots of support to answer all your feeding questions. 

Focusing on both the practicalities and emotions attached to feeding decisions, it will answer your questions big and small, supporting you to confidently feed your baby as they grow, in whatever way works for your family. 

With expert contributors and quotes from parents, Professor Amy Brown's authoritative but easy-to-read style ensures that this book will inform and reassure anyone wanting to know more about how to support their baby to be a healthy and happy eater however they decide to feed them.

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2021 | paperback | 288pp | 234x155mm
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Let's talk about feeding your baby

Deborah on 4th Mar 2022

Another valuable edition to the Let's talk about series, Feeding Your Baby is a one stop shop covering feeding from every angle from birth to starting solids... its the sort of book you can dip in and out of with each section/stage easy to find when you need it.  It's rare to find a book that offers both breastfeeding and formula support and up to date guidance and most importantly guilt and pressure free!!  It provides everything a parent might want to know, explores common challenges, answers all those common new parent queries and signposts where to go for further support. Will definitely be my new go to feeding recommendation for future clients.


Claire Bulfin on 5th Sep 2021

I loved the title , it’s very inclusive and involved the reader from the beginning. This book give an informal yet evidenced based guide to infancy feeding from birth to toddlerhood. Most weaning book lose the reader by page 10 when the ingredients are more suited to a fancy restaurant. Giving mothers control over decisioning is so empowering. I like the way each decision and consequence is discussed using research and evidence without becoming too medical or overload of jargon. It a great book for a couple looking at their choices while supporting the importance of breastfeeding/human milk. There are lots of up-to date websites and social media links which is a great fit in today’s society. As a visual learner…. I would loved to have looked at pictures and images especially in the chapters describing positioning and attachment, maternal positions. This is a ideal book for dipping in and out of during pregnancy, perfect for partners and close family to read too. I would definitely recommend this book to mothers as a ideal follow up tool after a breastfeeding class to enhance their breastfeeding knowledge, skill and confidence. I particularly liked the chapters on weaning foods. Too many books have made the normal process in life a complicated topic and are sponsored by food companies which can muddy the waters in terms of evidence based research. Her honest and sensible approach sets the tone for this experience to be a gradual journey. Responsive feeding continues in this section with my favourite ‘when my baby is ready to stop feeding’ It is clear that Amy works on research based evidence not cultural whims. I really like this book and will include it in my recommendations to new parents.