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“When you came out of my tummy, the first thing you looked for was my breast.”

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of the powerful bond shared between a mother and her newborn baby.

You, me and the breast is part of a delightful series of illustrated books by Monica Calaf and Mikel Fuentes, which also includes Your Daddy and Me, When you were in my tummy, and How You Were Born.

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2011 | paperback | 40pp | 210x210mm
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A nice book for children

efm on 16th Jan 2013

I had trouble working out who this book was aimed at. Some of the details are very specific (babywearing, feeding into toddlerhood) and wouldn't apply to all breastfeeding families, so the use of 'you' I found odd. It almost felt like a memoir of a specific breastfeeding relationship. My 2 yr old niece, had no such difficulty, she came back to the book again and again and seemed to love that this was something she could relate to. This is how she summed it up: 'I like it, the baby has lady milk'. So I guess that answers who its aimed at!

You, me and the breast

Rosie on 7th May 2012

Nice illustrations, good explanation of the breastfeeding relationship for older toddlers. Not completely appropriate for us as I'm single and we did not sleep cuddled up to Daddy as described!

You, me and the breast

Attached Mummy on 7th May 2012

u, me and the breast by Monica Calaf (text) and Mikel Fuentes (illustration) is a beautifully illustrated book. The pages are bold and colourful, and very engaging. One aspect I thought was great was that the illustrations of the characters (Mum, Dad, non-gendered baby) are so over the top (in a good way!) that it is difficult to tell their exact ethnicity, which means children and parents of most, if not all, origins are hopefully able to recognise themselves in the different scenarios. The story covers most aspects of breastfeeding, from birth, via co-sleeping, babywearing, coffee mornings, feeding in public, to teething and finally weaning. It's great for a gentle playful overview of how convenient breastfeeding is _ you can do it while swimming, gardening, cooking, even exercising! _ and how it contributes to a close bond. The book provides lots of talking points and it's great that it presents attachment parenting as a completely normal way of life: parents and baby snuggle up together at night, baby is carried in a sling, and it's also nice to see an image of Dad feeding Mum while she is feeding the baby, to show that he is also caring for someone. I think it's great to have a book especially dedicated to breastfeeding. Books are usually very useful when it comes to specific life events (books about moving house, getting a new sibling, going on holiday etc etc) in order to explain things to children in a way they will understand and provide them with an opportunity to think about events and ask questions.

You, me and the breast

Toni Tweddle on 6th Apr 2012

The moment I opened this book after it dropped through my letter box my two year old was smitten. This book follows the journey of a mama and her child from the moment of birth when they first looked for the breast through to a young child who no longer nurses to sleep, with beautiful illustrations and sweet simple prose that explains the breastfeeding relationship wonderfully. This book is perfect for older siblings of a nurseling baby so they can understand and recognise how baby is fed and is also lovely for breastfed babies, toddlers and children to recognise themselves in the story. The mama in the book also caries baby in a sling which my son loved, he thinks it is about me and his sister! My son asks for this story several times a day, he loves the pictures and likes to pick out small details, and sits and listens to the story happily. I am very impressed with this book and am showing it off and recommending it to everybody I know!

My daughters loved this book!

Chevonne Maguire on 6th Apr 2012

I purchased this book, to review it for my local Childrens centre,I loved it!. I have 3 young children myself, i wish this book had been published 7 years ago so i could have read it when my middle daughter was born,it has beautiful bright expressive pictures that my daughters loved!...I will 100% percent be reccomending this book to not only my local childrens centre but also to my childrens school, what an amazing read for children to normalise breastfeeding.x

Great if trying to wean an older child

A Hughes on 6th Apr 2012

I was so pleased to see that a book for children about breastfeeding had come out and I was not disappointed! It is a lovely book with very unusual and eye catching pictures. It gives a very positive depiction of breastfeeding and most mums I am sure would be glad to be able to share their experience with their children who are too young to remember being breastfed and the close bond. I feel that this book will be especially good for any old children who are being weaned off the breast and understand a bit more and now can have the story at bedtime instead of a feed!

You, me and the breast

Aisling Cartin on 6th Apr 2012

From the reactions of my 5 children when I read this book, I felt that it was a lovely 'normal' depiction of family life as they know it. It generated much conversation especially between my 11, 8 & 5 year old children. We read the book and had a lovely time talking about when they used to breastfeed. My 11 year old son loved the illustrations (hes a budding artist himself). My 8 year old and my 5 year old were very interested in the information about the nipple darkening and the giving off rich smells that the baby could react too. Indeed this is a very important fact that many people don't know and is fundamenta in the process of biological nurturing. It was a lovely surprise to see that the book also normalised feeding an older child and that with the nutrition also comes love and comfort. The book itself is beautifully illustrated and is maybe aimed at a child of 4 years and up. A really beautiful book!!

A child friendly breastfeeding book!

J Tonkin on 6th Apr 2012

I have been reading this story to my son who is nearly 3 and still breastfed and he has thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the pictures and everything that the book represents (co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, anywhere, anyhow, baby wearing). It covers right from birth to when the child is older and falling asleep by themselves without milk in their big bed. My son is not particularly familiar with the word Breast however so we used our code ñMummy Milkî instead where necessary which did not detract from the book at all. I am currently pregnant and I have been using this book to show my little boy how the new baby will be with Mummy and feeding from Mummy like he did and I think that it has really helped my little boy to understand what will happen and he has been asking questions about the baby that he hadn't thought of before we read this story.