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For parents of babies with feeding difficulties, the journey to a diagnosis of tongue-tie and the challenges involved in accessing treatment can be long and arduous. Information is often conflicting, and professionals do not always agree.

Why Tongue-tie Matters aims to steer a course through research and practice to explain how tongue-tie impacts feeding, when you should suspect tongue-tie, and how to access assessment and treatment. With strategies that can help alleviate the feeding difficulties associated with tongue-tie, and information about recovery after division and the impact on speech and oral health, the book is an invaluable guide for parents and the health professionals supporting them.

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2021 | paperback | 160pp | 172x111mm

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Book Review for Why Tongue-tie Matters by Sarah Oakley

Lynn Timms and Sue Billingham on 17th May 2022

As a lactation professional book club from Hampshire we have just finished reading and discussing Why Tongue-tie Matters by Sarah Oakley As we have found with the other books in this series, this book is well researched, written and edited. Sarah clearly explains the issues and challenges surrounding tongue-tie whilst discussing the benefits and risks of frenulotomy with the importance of lactation support throughout. We found the author’s style very readable and with a refreshing emphasis on the importance of a baby being able to feed efficiently with relevant and clear practical advice described. Sarah’s final chapter addresses the sensitive and emotional topic of when a tongue-tie release does not resolve all the feeding challenges. This important issue which, can affect parents and professional alike, shows her appreciation and understanding of the continued problems encountered. In summary, we consider this publication to be very accessible and readable for parents as well as being instructive for professional like us who are supporting families with a baby who has tongue-tie. We would therefore highly recommend this publication to all who are interested and involved in infant feeding.

Lots to wade through, packed with important information

Gemma on 7th Dec 2021

This small book is absolutely packed with information, it can actually feel a bit overwhelming at times and if I were a parent of a new baby with a tongue tie wanting answers (I think/know my baby has a tongue tie what should I do? How do I get it diagnosed? what if no one believes me? Is it safe? What about recovery?) I'd find this an awful lot to wade through whilst worrying my baby won't latch/gain weight/sleep etc. That said, Sarah Oakley presents a very measured and thorough explanation of the variations of tongue tie we might see, the importance of understanding the differences, and how to deal with them. As with all the "why it matters" series the book seeks to navigate us through an emotive topic with research in a clear and direct way. There is fantastic information on diagnosis, strategies to help feeding, and how to treat tongue tie (where appropriate). Oakley isn't shy of the divisive side of the tongue tie discussion, she directly addresses the controversies and myths around tongue ties, which would certainly bolster any parents confidence when dealing with "advice" from friends, family, and even poorly informed medical staff. I especially like that there is chapter discussing what happens when treatment doesn't help, it doesn't pretend that there's one solution for all situations, but instead highlights that what really matters is understanding tongue tie and its impact on babies and families. A great tool for those supporting families I would think, a very important read for anyone involved in infant feeding.