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Many women know, and research confirms, that having an experienced female birth companion, who is neither a health professional nor a part of their social circle, can have a tangible positive effect on their experience of childbirth.

Why Doulas Matter is a comprehensive discussion of how a doula can offer expectant and new parents information and practical and emotional support to improve their experience of birth and early parenting.

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2015 | paperback | 160pp | 172x111mm
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Highly recommend

Jessica on 2nd Aug 2020

This is a fantastic book, easy to read and with enough detail to inform adequately and to lead to further reading if desired. Heartfelt and honest and a must read for birth workers.

Excellent insight into the work of a doula

Madeleine Southall on 21st Sep 2018

Would recommend

Why Doulas don't matter

Paul Bradley on 21st Feb 2017

Easy to read, honest genuine account of why Doula's matter. Moving and heartfelt - a must read for anyone entering this field.


Ellie Longbone on 3rd Feb 2017

Very insightful and interesting. I would recommend it to anyone in the birthing world.

How doulas make a difference

Karen Hall on 25th Oct 2016

I love that near the beginning of Why Doulas Matter, MM points out that 'on one level, doulas do not matter.' The invisible but steadfast presence of a doula, and how much difference she can make to the experience of birth, is the most important lesson this book can teach you. This is a book about what doulas do and how they do it, and it also tells you what they are thinking about while they're doing it. Maddie's voice comes through very clearly, and unlike other books in the Why It Matters series, this one is far more personal than political. One exception to this is her mini-rant about the politics of breastfeeding, where the most passionate passion of a very passionate woman is clearly revealed. Why Doulas Matter contains much useful information about birth and breastfeeding, woven into chapters about labour, meeting your baby, breastfeeding, and the postnatal period. One thing I felt was missing was a little more history of women supporting women during childbirth, setting the question of why doulas matter in the context of the 21st Century western world. This book would be particularly useful for people thinking about what sort of support they might need during and after birth, whether or not that support comes from a doula. It would also be useful for both new and experienced doulas who want to reflect on their role. It answers all the questions you might have about doulas, and much more.

Amazing, wonderful book

Kieshia Venn on 25th Sep 2016

The more I read this book, the more I love it! It's such a lovely read. It not only makes me want to be a better doula, but it also makes me realise just how much My local hospital did to aid my own breastfeeding and bonding experiences. Language may not have been perfect, but I can tick so many boxes for what their amazing midwives did. Highly recommend this book!

Why Doula's Matter

Linda Robinson on 24th Jul 2015

For anyone thinking of becoming a Doula, anyone working in this field or for parents to be this book is a must. It is informative , easy to read and a real insight into the world of a Doula. This book is beautifully and thoughtfully written by the author and I cannot recommend it enough.

Warmth and erudition mixed with passion

Rachel O'leary on 5th Jun 2015

This is a heart-felt book about all the ways that doulas support new parents, and what a huge difference it can make to have a kind woman to help around the time of birth. Made me want to get pregnant just so I could have this nurturing!