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  • You usually will get a good deal from us, even though sometimes we will be beaten on price (however we will price match at our bookshop at effraspace). Wordery ship for free worldwide (our recommended option if you are not in the UK).
  • For new titles we are usually the first to get stock.
  • In the unlikely case that you have any problems with your order we are just a phone call or email away to help sort things out. Call us on 020 7737 6868 or email
  • If you order more than 20 books, please get in touch for additional discounts here.

Support independent publishing

  • For every pound we make, 50 pence is reinvested in publishing new titles.
  • If you buy one of our books through Amazon or other online retailers, Pinter & Martin will get around £2 for a book with an RRP of £9.99 (after retailer's discount, distribution charge, printing and author's royalties) - and we have to wait up to three months for the money.
  • If you buy from us directly, we get around £5, within a few days.
  • If you buy from an independent bookshop, we get around £3.

For every book you buy from us direct instead of other Internet bookshops an extra £1.50 will be invested in new titles.