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Evidence continues to increase on the practical and emotional benefits of babywearing, both to parents and their children. Among many other benefits, babywearing can help parents bond with a new baby, and facilitate both breastfeeding and the care of the baby’s older siblings.

Babywearing also has benefits for society at large. Children are more securely emotionally attached and there is evidence of a link between the reduced incidence of postnatal depression and babywearing. In this new book, Rosie Knowles explores all these advantages, along with the practicalities of how to babywear and babywearing culture. She demonstrates how a clearer understanding of babywearing, and the attachment parenting philosophy as a whole, can ultimately lead to a happier, healthier society.

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2016 | paperback | 160pp | 172x111mm
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Informative & inspiring

Anonymous author on 11th Mar 2019

Informative and inspiring introduction to babywearing

Wonderful and empowering reading

Eleonora on 24th Jul 2016

A wonderful book, full of factual and well researched information, practical and with interesting references. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to undersand more about babywearing and the importance of consistent physical contact for newborns in particular.

Comprehensive and intelligent

Karen Hall on 6th Jul 2016

For such a small book, Why Babywearing Matters is an absolutely comprehensive guide to carrying your baby. It is intelligently written, with a solid set of arguments for the biological, psychological, and social importance of babywearing.<br /><br />Rosie Knowles begins with the theory: how carrying has evolved, and how it has re-emerged as a coping skill in modern times. She outlines the benefits of carrying for the individual baby, for parents, and even extrapolates to society as a whole. She cites studies that demonstrate both that carrying is biologically normal for a newborn baby, and that closeness facilitates healthy neurological development, reduced stress, bonding and healing.<br /><br />The ensuing chapters give practical information about different types of carriers, how and when to use them, safety, and where to get support.<br /><br />This is another useful book from the Why It Matters series, and I would strongly recommend it to doulas and sling consultants, as well as expectant and new parents.

A comprehensive guide

Elizabeth on 2nd Jul 2016

One thing I love about this book is that it covers all the different aspects of babywearing so comprehensively, which is impressive considering how petite the book is. Dr Knowles discusses the anthropology of babywearing; how it helps babies; how it helps families; how to wear your baby safely; how babies are worn around the world; the different styles of carrier; and how you can babywear in different circumstances. It really covers everything you might want to know about babywearing. I'd really recommend it to anyone considering babywearing for their family. A great resource, just like the rest of the series.

Opens your mind

Jodie Hall on 8th Jun 2016

Fantastic book that enables you to really understand every aspect of baby wearing and see it from different angles as well as make realisations of information you already knew but may not have connected up.

A wonderful read

Jessica Smart on 5th Jun 2016

This is a great little book, Rosie Knowles has a wonderful way with words and discusses all aspects of babywearing in a kind and approachable manner. She talks about the benefits to babywearing and how it helps to form positive attachments, she also discusses different types of ways to babywearing and how to get the best information locally, using sling library and consultant services. It gives all the information without being too weighty, so it easily held my interest throughout.

A triumph!

Ricardo Lacombe on 31st May 2016

Just finished the book......what a triumph!!!! To see and read all those many facets of baby wearing and it's role in parenting ....all in one a joy and quite emotional. The authors channelling of the detail and the grand themes into a start and finish is fantastic and I found myself flipping around new ideas (with baby two on the way) and reaffirming all those things about baby carrying that my wife and I love so much. I'm inspired as I read (particularly the early chapters) to realise every time we carry we are connecting the dots across the many people around the world doing the same....and reaching back into history to connect the dots to nature as far back as we can imagine. Carrying is a connection between humans, internally in the family and through time and places far off. That contrast of grand and intimate is perfectly captured through the book and it was a joy to read, and will be a joy to share with others as time goes on. A joy, a triumph, and confirms the authors place at the centre of a family and community who are ever grateful for your guidance, support and inspiration. Thank you!