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The loss of a baby, however it occurs, can be heartbreaking and painful and leave parents in need of support as they grieve. While awareness about baby loss is increasing, the suffering and sadness, isolation and loneliness parents feel is often invisible and it can be hard for them to reach out, and for those around them to know how best to support them. Why Baby Loss Matters explores what happens when families experience baby loss or the end of a pregnancy, drawing on the first-hand experiences of parents who have navigated life and the fourth trimester without their baby, and the vital work of charities and services which offer support. By examining different approaches to coping with the loss of a baby and keeping memories alive, the book offers insight into the ways that families have found the support and peace that they need to continue living after saying goodbye.

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2020 | paperback | 176pp | 172x111mm
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Moving, thorough, compassionate and authoritative.

Rehana Jawadwala on 7th May 2021

Of all the Why it Matters books, this one has been my hardest read of all. This book was one I wanted to read but yet didn’t have the courage to. I am so glad I have read it. This hard hitting, compassionate book packs empathy, knowledge and a desire to support women, parents and bereaving families like no other. There is simply nothing like this book available. Kay King’s work in the field has allowed her a viewpoint that is so authoritative and yet supportive that her passion and desire to help just shines throughout the book. Kay shares her personal journey with clarity that is touching yet so empowering. The book sets out the vocabulary on baby loss early on so that the reader is aware of the breath of topics that are covered across the book. In my opinion, that is the strongest part of the book. The sheer breath of stories, circumstances and people that are included in the narrative means this book is inclusive to many more grieving parents than the sometimes-narrow definitions of baby loss on the internet and unfortunately in practice. Being in the field of antenatal and postnatal support I found that I now have a deeper understanding of some of the complexities that women and families face. I now see how I can perhaps approach and support the families in my care without the fear of hurting them. Kay’s guidance and resources on how professionals can approach baby loss is an important education that is lacking in our professional world. Only a small proportion of midwives/doulas and other health care professionals get trained in bereavement support in our maternity system. That is indeed an area that we could see more resources being ploughed in, but in the meantime I think reading this book will certainly help you understand the nuanced nature of how loss impacts us all differently and what we can do for ourselves and those we care about.

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10th Dec 2020

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