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This adorable keepsake combines imaginative illustrations with bite-sized tips and practical information to help birthing companions take a hands-on role on the birthing day. A loving gift for any birth partner.

Originally designed for the author's husband, Whoosh! is an intimately written guide, balancing scientifically accurate medical facts with humorous truisms, illustrated throughout with quirky line drawings and loving explanations.

Whoosh! is a beautifully constructed pocket sized guide, intimately thought through, personal, easy to digest and lovely to read.

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2015 | hardback | 160pp | 103x135mm
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Perfect Present

Sarah on 9th Nov 2015

I love this little book... I want to buy one for all my friends and family (well at least those who are having a baby!)- I think it's a heck of alot better than the &quot;birth plan&quot; at the back of a woman's notes!<br />It allows space for filling in the pertinent details - but delivers the birthing basics in a fun way... All men should be handed one of these at the first scan appointment and told to fill it in with what their partner wants... that's my idea of starting some good communication and great fun along the way...

Undeniably cute

Karen Hall on 10th Oct 2015

This is an appealing little book, chunky and colourful, with some useful informatoin tucked into its bright pages. It might be intended as a way for a woman to tell her partner she's pregnant, or to share some basic ideas about how the partner might support her in labour. Full of sweet cartoons, this would also be a great format to tell a child about a sibling on the way (or how about one for grandparents; I foresee a whole range of these!).<br /><br />I liked the spaces for personalisation and can imagine a couple filling it in together; what a nice way to think about birth planning. I felt it could benefit from a little more substance to make it more of a handy pocket guide, but there is no denying its cuteness.