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Think through your birth choices with this handy pack of 100 cards, based on Milli Hill's best-selling The Positive Birth Book.

These beautifully illustrated cards bring your birth plan to life. Each card features an icon on one side and a clear explanation of the icon on the other.

The icons represent every possible birth choice in every setting, from home birth to caesarean. There are some blank cards included too, because every birth is unique. You’ll also find a guide inside with suggestions to get you started.

The cards can be used in a number of ways: by pregnant women who want to work through their birth choices in a more visual and dynamic way; by those who want to explore them with their partner, doula, midwife or other supporters; or by birth professionals as a starting point for activities and discussions with their clients.

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2019 | pack of 100 cards
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Really useful birth prep

Katie Stockdale on 23rd Apr 2020

If you don't know your options you may as well not have any. These cards Super-useful bitesize info and a catalyst for further research and help you feel empowered by your choices.