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How engaging with your baby’s movement development helps build a loving relationship

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The first three months of your baby’s life, sometimes called the ‘fourth trimester’, is a transitional phase, in which each of you is processing the birth experience you shared and acclimatising to a new way of being. It can be hard to interpret your new baby’s behaviour: is she arching her back because she has tummy ache, or does she simply enjoy a stretch? Does sucking his hands indicate hunger or something else? As you navigate these early days your emotions might be all over the place and it can be hard to find and trust your instinctive need to connect with your baby.

In Understanding Babies, experienced movement specialist Ania Witkowska looks at what your baby needs to thrive, and how they show you they need it, revealing how you can tune in to your baby so that both of you can relax and enjoy your new life together. By explaining how your baby’s development is supported through movement and interaction, and guiding you through simple exercises and activities, she helps demystify the early days of parenting so that you can feel more joy and less anxiety as you and your baby flourish.

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2021 | paperback | 200pp | 198x127mm

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A great movement based book for infants and carers.

Rehana Jawadwala on 9th May 2022

I am fascinated by infants, their innate intelligence and their infinite desire to learn all the time. As a mother of three children, of diverse developmental needs I have treaded this journey with great enthusiasm and curiosity. I have read books and engaged with much scientific content in order to get a better understanding of how I can help and support my babies as they grow. In Understanding Babies by Ania Witkowska I have found a gentle, evidence based and practioner led book. This book has a wonderful balance between speaking to new parents in an understanding tone, bringing in Ania’s own long standing expertise and weaving in research to help the reader navigate the broad range of topics that are covered. If you are interested in knowing how to engage your baby and understand their developmental milestones and pathways this is a great book. It has neat sections on emotional development and how to incorporate these ideas into an infant’s play. It also has simple exercises that you can try and incorporate into play with your baby. This is a very gentle book with a comforting appeal to parents who would like to not follow rigid doctrines and be led by the child’s own development needs. As a facilitator of infant and parent yoga classes, I have used many of the gems of knowledge from this book into developing my babywearing yoga class even further. Ania’s last book is invaluable addition to the genre of progressive parenting books and her expertise will be sorely missed.


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