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A new mother's journey is a deeply personal and individual one. Yet all too often outside influences can cloud her innate judgement, causing confusion, doubt and unhappiness. In Rosie Newman's new book Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby, she argues that every mother already knows what she needs to know.

Exploring ideas from other cultures, from new science and from the past, Rosie uncovers universal truths that are at once liberating and reassuring. This book hands the power back to the reader, providing the tools and information that parents need to make their own choices, to trust their instincts and believe in their babies. Rosie demonstrates how she found letting go and listening transformed the toughest, most important job in the world, into one that was satisfying, empowering and fun.

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"Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. It's a balanced and humane book, personal but full of practical ideas. It contains lots of fascinating detail, insights from other cultures and well-researched information on topics ranging from birth positions, sleep training and elimination communication. Newman synthesises so much that is sensible, from both professionals and parents. This lovely book will help the reader to appreciate just what a wealth of wisdom she and her baby already possess." Alice Allan author of Open My Eyes That I May See Marvellous Things

"A must-read book for every mum and mum-to-be which puts both the mother's instinct and bab's individuality at the heart of it. An empowering, honest and importantly, reassuring read that will help prepare you for the most fulfilling and challenging role of your life." Vicki, founder of

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2017 | paperback | 240pp | 216x135mm
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Confidence inspiring

Karen Hall on 3rd Oct 2018

Rosie Newman’s book aims to inspire confidence and trust in a mother’s own instincts, through pregnancy and birth, feeding and mothering. It is a book for women who need help with the paradigm shift of becoming a new parent. One of the things that really comes across is the value of surrounding oneself with like-minded, positive people. Newman is well-read and draws extensively on the literature of attachment parenting and straightforward birth. Trust Your Body Trust Your Baby is sensibly structured with a logical progression, starting with a practical chapter on preparation for the baby’s arrival. The birth chapter gives an interesting history of obstetrics, an explanation of the role of hormones, and a valiant attempt to convey the reality of labour. The following chapters cover life after birth: establishing breastfeeding, sleep, attachment, and the emotional and psychological adjustment. All of this is extremely good stuff that I would recommend to new parents; it is well-referenced and although it comes from a firm base in attachment parenting, and includes a great deal of Newman’s own experience, it is written with empathy and compassion for both the mother and the baby. The last chapter is on elimination communication, and might make some new parents wonder if this really is the book for them, or whether it is too far from the mainstream. My clients tend to think The Baby Whisperer is a “a bit of a hippie,” so I’m conscious of wanting books like this to be accessible. Of course there is a huge part of me that really doesn’t want to pull any punches, too. I was writing this review at a very quiet breastfeeding drop-in. Two mothers came in and we were talking about the conflict between trusting your instincts as a mother, and coping with the pressures of modern life, lack of sleep, lack of support, and the weight of expectations that babies should behave in a certain way by a certain age (both babies were 3 months old and not behaving in a certain way at all). So I gave one of them the book; may it help her find her way.