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An illustrated book to inspire happiness, the perfect gift for the wonderful women in your life.

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2014 | hardback | 96pp | 151x151mm
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As the title says....

Booksnliv on 31st Jul 2014

.....this is a lovely book. ItÕs a happy, feel good read that is beautifully illustrated to match with the fantastic tips and advice on each page. <br />This book will not tax your brain (personally, I think thatÕs a major plus point) but it is a great reminder to think about and look after yourself. In fact, the urge to Ôhave a lovely cup of coffee in a cafŽ alone and watch the world go byÕ is becoming overwhelming. There is some quirky humour throughout and I instantly felt better and happier after reading this book. I am in no doubt that I will be re-visiting often for a pick me up. I will be sharing with the many wonderful women in my life.

Every woman needs this book to make them smile inside and out everyday!

Jen Tonkin on 4th Jun 2014

This is such a gorgeously simple book! Over every double page there is an illustration and a short phrase. Each phrase touches a different place in my heart and head, truly you read it with a smile :) <br />As busy women whether it be with work, children, both or neither we tend to forget about ourselves and put others needs first. This book makes you remember the things that we can do for ourselves to make us feel instantly better, from simple things such as "Enjoy the weather" to slightly more difficult ones like "Find something that you are good at, enjoy it and make lots of money out of it"! Each page makes you think and makes you remember, it is a chance to think about yourself, ground yourself - if only for just a few seconds - to remember how amazing women are and how even the small things can make a massive difference to our happiness. <br />Every woman should have this book by the side of their bed, open it to a different page each morning and carry out the action through the day - guaranteed happiness.