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When factory worker Pinquean Smallcreep, who has slotted a certain type of slot into a certain type of pulley for many years, packs his sandwiches and sets out on a journey to investigate what it is he is producing, his discoveries become increasingly more bizarre and disturbing. Peter Currell Brown's brilliantly surreal satire of automation and alienation is as exhilarating and unforgettable today as when it was first published.

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2008 | paperback | 192pp | 191x131mm
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Smallcreep's Day

Anthony Anselmo on 6th Apr 2012

I was excited as hell to finally be able to read the book that inspired Mike Rutherford's first solo album. I can honestly tell you that is book is extremely dry, depressing and hard to read. There are no line breaks for any character conversation, quotes within quotes and numerous paragraphs taking up a whole page. The book itself is just hard to read but beyond that it's a depressing wrist slitting story that I wish I never read. I get the point, factory work sucks.