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There have always been lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) parents. But now there is a 'gayby boom'. Changes in social attitudes, the law and medical technology mean that more LGBT people are becoming parents, and living proud and open family lives. Yet there are still few role models.

Pride and Joy is full of stories, advice and real-life experience from LGBT parents and their children. Sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes surprising, every story sheds new light on what it’s like for LGBT people raising children in the UK and Ireland today.  

Pride and Joy is positive and practical. It covers everything from starting a family, dealing with schools, talking with children about different families, and maintaining an LGBT identity as a parent.

This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand issues facing LGBT families including parents or prospective parents; extended families and friends; and social workers, teachers and other professionals. 

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2017 | paperback | 256pp | 216x135mm
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Pride and joy: A guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans parents

Anne Warren on 11th Apr 2017

This book is a gem. Very well written, it is humorous as well as very helpful. A must for all lgbt parents or those thinking of embarking on parenthood.

LGBT and parenting

Janice Bell on 19th Mar 2017

I wish this book had been around when I was thinking of being a parent. I've adopted two girls and it's been amazing. You worry about all sort of things when you're thinking of having a child and it seems all the more complicated if you're LGBT...but is it? This is a great read for all those interested.

Truly full of pride and joy

Karen Hall on 8th Feb 2017

This is the most perfectly-titled book I have ever come across, a fact which became increasingly evident as I read it Ð in one sitting Ð and found it to be so warm and upbeat, a book that is truly full of pride and joy.<br /><br />Pride And Joy would be useful and interesting for LGBT parents; those considering becoming parents or even wondering if they ever can become parents; children of LGBT parents and other extended family members, and anyone working in a support role including health professionals, antenatal teachers and others. It is packed with anecdotes and quotes from that same wide-ranging group, so that it gives the reader a rich narrative, coherently exploring the broad experiences in the LGBT world. Each chapter ends with some points to consider, with signposting to useful resources, making it practical as well as very readable.<br /><br />One thing that came across to me was that LGBT families have more common factors than differences with non-LGBT families. The authors treat extended and complex family situations as largely positive, acknowledging that blended families are now the norm for many people in western society, whatever the sexual orientation or gender identity of the parents. Many issues relating to pregnancy, birth, new parenthood, and growing up are not unique to LGBT families, however the fact that much of the support offered in these situations comes from the straight community reminds us of the importance of being open and inclusive when supporting parents. This book is well positioned to increase knowledge and understanding, and I hope it will be very widely read.