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Nurturing Your Family With Yoga is an essential guide to the practice of yoga for families and children, demonstrating how yoga can be a real part of everyday family life and bring happiness and harmony to the home. Illustrated with beautiful, inspiring photographs of children and adults practising yoga together, and with clear, concise explanations, the book is packed with fun and practical suggestions for incorporating yoga into daily life, including:

  • The A-Z of Yoga – a wonderful, engaging game that introduces children to 26 classic yoga poses
  • Breathing exercises to strengthen and balance the nervous system and to steady the mind
  • Visualisations to reduce anxiety and build resilience
  • Yoga in Bed sequence to help children settle down and sleep well

With guided meditations, affirmations and reflections that will inspire and inform interesting and thoughtful discussions with children, as well as tips and tricks for adults to help you share yoga successfully, Nurturing Your Family With Yoga is all you need to help you foster health and wellbeing for your whole family.

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"This is such a beautiful book. Not only is it practical and accessible, filled with lots of tips and ideas to introduce yoga to all the family, it is wonderfully playful and full of joy. Kiki’s passion and knowledge shine through every page." Anna Wise, co-author of Yoga Sadhana for Mothers

""Without doubt this is the most inspiring book I have seen on Yoga for children and their parents. I recommend everyone have a copy on their book shelves, or better still, opened for practice!" Ginny Bradley, a mindfulness and well-being mentor for children

2021 | paperback | 144pp | 227x227mm

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Beautiful and well produced

Rehana Jawadwala on 7th Jan 2022

This is a wonderful book to inspire little children and parents interested in getting some yoga practice. It is wonderfully produced and the photos are great. What I like about the book is how practical it is to use. Postures are organised in the alphabet so kids can use it to spell out their name or even play a game of charades trying to guess what word is being played out. The information is very user friendly and helpful even for the children to read. There are prompts for affirmations and reflections on postures that will get your creative juices flowing. This book is also a great primer if you are a children’s yoga teacher. I liked the sections on breathing and yoga nidra very much as Kiki Morriss writes in a very accessible manner on these complex topics. All in all, if you are looking to start a family yoga practice or just find inspiration to encourage your kids to give yoga a go this is a great book to have.


Gemma on 31st Aug 2021

With the pale, uncluttered front cover, and pictures of happy children, this book oozes calm and inner peace from the first look. It's a large format, coffee table book, and the whole thing looks and feels inviting. I expected an A to Z of yoga to be a bit twee, nice for a gift but not much content, a nice book you might flick through and attempt a pose or two, but this Was so surprising! Each pose in the A to Z is given at least a double page spread, some are given two. We're given the name, (western and Sanskrit) and a clear description of how to achieve the pose. But on top of that we get a visualisation, and an affirmation, we even get a paragraph of reflections and adjustment information. This is real in depth yoga knowledge and practice delivered by an authour with a true lifelong love of yoga, having first tried it at age 6 and having trained and taught yoga for over 20 years. The first part of the book is filled with her knowledge, advice, guidance and calming voice, she takes the anxiety out of knowing if you're doing it right. Or feeling you haven't got time to fit it into your life. This is definitely one I'll be returning to over and over, myself and my family have already enjoyed the poses, and the bonus "games" in the back. It makes family yoga really restful and joyful, I've never smiled so much during yoga practice. Plan to buy as gifts for all my friends.