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Vanda Scaravelli, legendary yoga teacher, developed an approach to yoga which is quite unlike any other being taught today. Her book, Awakening the Spine, exposes the subtle nature of this radical practice. It inspires through its philosophy and images, but does not go into detail when describing the practice of asana.

Notes on Yoga: The Legacy of  Vanda Scaravelli is written and compiled by Diane Long and Sophy Hoare. Diane was the first of Vanda’s regular students and remained so until Vanda’s death in 1999. Sophy began working with Vanda during the period when she was writing Awakening the Spine

In Notes on Yoga: The Legacy of Vanda Scaravelli, they share their experiences and memories of being taught by Vanda and offer instructive
advice for practising asana, challenging many preconceptions about yoga. 

Diane and Sophy have been teachers for many years. In this book they provide a direct and illuminating insight into their work and practice. Written from the perspective of both student and teacher, it is a unique and indispensable guide for anyone interested in this approach to yoga.

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2017 | paperback | 144pp | 220x176mm
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Notes on Yoga- the Legacy of Vanda Scaravelli

Jill on 10th Mar 2018

This book is a real treat. It gives an insight into the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli and puts into words the elusive and exquisite practice that is unique to Diane and Sophy, I teach yoga and have bought this book for my students as it makes a beautiful gift. For my own use I can dip into a sentence to enrich and challenge my personal practice. The photos of Diane and Sophy practicing are extremely helpful. The personal experiences of these women as Scaravelli's students are told with love and respect. I love this book but recommend anyone interested in Scaravelli yoga to google Diane Long, visit her and experience it for yourself.

Marvellous insights

Karen Craig on 6th Feb 2017

A simple but realistic approach to the practice of yoga.<br />Every page is easy to read and understand and a book you will continually return to.