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Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby: How Learning To Listen Changes Everything
by Rosie Newman

Pinter & Martin 19th October 2017 paperback original £11.99

A new mother's journey is a profound, deeply personal and individual one. Yet all too often outside influences cloud her innate judgement, causing confusion, doubt and unhappiness. ‘Rules’ and ‘schedules’ governing baby feeding, sleeping and much more leave many parents bewildered and contradict their own gut instinct about what is best for their baby.

In Rosie Newman's new book Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby , she raises the revolutionary possibility that every mother already knows how to respond to their baby. Exploring ideas from other cultures, from new science and from the past, Rosie uncovers universal truths about parents connecting with their babies that are at once liberating and reassuring.

Exploring ideas around biological norms in birth and parenting, attachment, sleep-training, clock-watching, baby carrying, elimination communication and more, Rosie presents the tools and information for parents to make their own choices, trust their instincts and believe in their babies.

From a personal perspective Rosie demonstrates how she found letting go and truly listening transformed her own journey into motherhood from the toughest challenge into a role that was hugely satisfying, empowering and fun. It may be a struggle to follow our natural nurturing instinct in a culture that often suppresses and undermines it, but Rosie's story proves that it can be done and that the revolution is well underway.

Rosie Newman studied art and worked in fashion for nearly a decade as a hair and make up artist. When she had her first baby, she unexpectedly struck upon an occupation that she really found fulfilling. Becoming a mother challenged her to combine creative, social and intellectual skills and opened up new ways of thinking and new avenues of discovery. Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby is her first book. She lives in with her partner and two sons in Somerset.

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