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Growing Up Pregnant: A Young Woman's Journey to Motherhood
by Deirdre Curley

Pinter & Martin 14th September 2017 paperback original £9.99

When Deirdre Curley swapped her quiet island life on Skye for the big smoke of Glasgow, she dreamed of becoming a successful actress. Little did she know she would soon take on the biggest role of her life - motherhood.

Fresh off a flight from acting school in New York aged 19, Deirdre’s promising career and carefree party lifestyle came to a sudden and abrupt halt. She was pregnant. This was not a role she was expecting to land on her return from The Big Apple. But just like any other role life had offered her, regardless of how hard, tiring and scary it appeared, she was going to approach it with full force, even if becoming a mother seemed the most daunting of them all.

In her warm and candid memoir, Growing Up Pregnant, Deirdre shares her personal experience of pregnancy, including the challenges and rewards of adapting to a new life very different to her friends. An open, honest and at times humorous account of adjusting to pregnancy, Deirdre’s journey to motherhood ‘from party time to nappy time’ inspires confidence and empowers women whatever their own situation.

From tan marks to stretch marks, sanitary pads to breast pads, romantic dates to play dates, prosecco bottles to baby bottles, from life to death, Deirdre brings to life the challenges and adventures of pregnancy and motherhood with a wry smile and an effervescent spirit.

Deirdre Curley started writing Growing Up Pregnant, A Young Woman’s Journey To Motherhood , with the intention to support and empower other young women in a similar position. Deirdre, now aged 27, works for the British Heart Foundation Scotland and lives in Glasgow with her husband and young son. This is her first book.

Twitter: @deirdrescurley Instagram: DeirdreCurley

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