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Meet Chloe: passionate about midwifery and on the cusp of adulthood.

As a student midwife in inner-city Leicester, Chloe finds fulfilment caring for women and families from wide-ranging backgrounds – but will her own personal challenges derail her ambitions?

Having recently lost her mother, and supporting her father through addiction, Chloe must make difficult choices and reconcile her rewarding yet demanding career with loyalty for those she loves.

New Walk is a profoundly moving coming-of-age story, where midwifery, birth and the decisions life throws at us combine to shape a young woman’s life.

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2018 | paperback | 224pp | 198x127mm
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Brilliant read!

Amy on 16th Jun 2021

This book was such a brilliant read. I did not want it to end. I can not wait to see what Ellie has for us next.

Top read

Katy on 8th Jan 2020

Love this journey of becoming a student midwife. I love the way she balances all the other elements of life such as family, partner, friends as well as her studies. Excellent Ellie.

Loved this book

Student midwife on 1st Jul 2019

I ordered this book to take abroad with me, and finished it within two days as I couldn’t put it down! The story is heartwarming, gripping and very relatable. I even found myself in tears at certain points. I’m looking forward to what Ellie is working on next!

New Walk

Rachel Way on 10th Feb 2019

Inspiring, deep and relatable. Great twist at the end and an easy enjoyable read

New Walk- Fantastic!

Shelly on 20th Dec 2018

3rd year midwifery student from Ireland here. I have to say, I could not put this book down. Consumed it cover to cover in 5 hours. Brilliantly written and detailed beautifully. Lived for all the student midwife tid bits that Chloe was involved in. I would definitely recommend reading this book.

Excellent Service

Anonymous author on 31st Oct 2018

I have purchased this for my daughter who is a trainee midwife as a Christmas gift so cannot comment on the book. However the service and speed of delivery from Pinter & Martin was excellent and I will use again.

Brilliant read

Charlotte on 29th Oct 2018

Gripped from start to finish, this book highlights not only issues faced by student and qualified midwives, but the many issues women face daily in today's society. An empowering read about choice, standing your ground, but also a humbling reminder of the importance of making mistakes and learning from them. Fantastic read.

Lovely light read

Karen Hall on 3rd Oct 2018

New Walk is the first novel of midwife Ellie Durant, and a fitting companion-piece to Alice Allan’s Open My Eyes from the same publisher. It tells the story of Chloe, a Leicester teenager who has been the responsible member of her family in the years since her mother died, and has finally decided to do something for herself, and applies to study midwifery. The main philosophical theme of the book is that dilemma between selfishness and responsibility: do women have the right to decline medical advice? Or to choose what happens to their own bodies? And who has the power? Chloe is a likeable character going through some tough times, supported (or not) by a diverse cast. The plot may not twist much, but it is soundly structured, satisfyingly ended, and well decorated with the details of Chloe’s learning about pregnancy and birth. Ellie Durant writes confidently about what she knows, giving this novel a sincere and grounded feel. It’s light reading with some darker tones: great summer lit.