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A beautiful book for children and their families, Milky Moments celebrates the joy of childhood and mothering, and normalises breastfeeding as a part of day-to-day life.

Delightfully illustrated scenes are complemented by lyrical rhyming text that gently draws the reader into the lives of the families depicted. The hand-painted illustrations are set in a variety of locations including a playgroup, a shopping trip, parks, hospital and at home. The children’s ages range from newborn to 5 years old, baby and child breastfeeding positioning is accurate and realistic, and the love and attention to detail in the book were inspired by the guiding principles of the La Leche League and the author’s own personal experience.

Inspirational, intimate and fun, Milky Moments is not only a book to treasure, but also a book that will educate and inform on the importance and normality of breastfeeding – however old you are.

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2015 | hardback/paperback | 40pp | 198x283mm
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Favourite bedtime story

Fauzia on 18th Jan 2019

Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding babies and toddlers

Lovely bedtime reading

Nicoletta on 27th Apr 2017

I've really enjoyed sharing this book with my breastfed toddler. The illustrations are beautiful and we talk about the scenarios. It's nice as a Mum to also share how other kids feed, to help my toddler verbalise the experience.

Wonderful book

Anna on 6th Feb 2017

What a lovely book, the illustrations are very nice and my daughter loves it. I wish however that there was a board book version of it, since my daughter is eating the page corners. She also enjoys turning the pages which is a bit tricky with such thin pieces of paper. Apart from that it's a really great buy!


Aoife on 28th Jun 2016

Heartwarming book about nursing babies and children within family life. Baby loves it. Have bought for some of my mamma friends too. Wish it came as a board book though as my baby is slowly destroying the paper pages &#128557;


Jessie Teague on 22nd Feb 2016

Exceeded expectations, it's a truly lovely book that normalises breastfeeding and attachment across all cultures.

A must have book for all breastfeeding mums

Shabnam Kavakeb on 19th Feb 2016

When I bought the book I was so excited and couldn't wait to read it. It arrived quicker than what I thought and I started reading it straight away . It's a lovely book and I'm glad I paid extra to get the hardback version of it. I love the words and illustrations both. I enjoyed reading each page and looking at the lovely pictures which are very natural and reminded me of myself and my breastfeeding journeys with my 3 children . I then asked my nearly 8 year old daughter who was breastfed for 4 and a half years to read it. I should say, she is a great fan of breastfeeding. She loved the book and even told me which page was her favourite. After that, I read the book to my 2 and a half year old daughter who is still having breast milk. It made her giggle , looking at the pictures and having breast milk in different positions by copying the children in the pictures . <br />I strongly recommend you to buy this book for yourself if you like breastfeeding or to by it for a mum who enjoys breastfeeding her child .

A book to treasure

Rebecca Wylie on 12th Oct 2015

A beautiful story book that captures the true nature of breastfeeding - precious and special but also completely natural and totally normal. My daughter loves the detailed illustrations and enjoys finding Eric the bear on every page. I enjoy reading a book that captures so perfectly our every day life.

Finally! A book for toddlers featuring breastfeeding

Claire Sale on 29th Jul 2015

Milky Moments is a lovely, melodic book which shows nursing children in everyday situations. My two year old likes to read the words with me and search for Eric the Bear on every page. <br /><br />This is a great read for an older child with a younger sibling who nurses, an older child who nurses, and for siblings who are both nursing. <br /><br />I love how it normalizes breastfeeding! - I bought copies for me and 4 of my momma friends :-)