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A heartfelt and moving recollection by Sandra Sabatini, the author of the classic Breath, of her encounters and training under the guidance of Vanda Scaravelli, whose book Awakening the Spine inspired generations of yoga practitioners. With photographs by David Darom.

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2011 | hardback | 112pp | 201x132mm
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Short and beautiful

efm on 15th Jan 2013

A truly lovely book, Like a Flower takes you on a journey to explore the author's relationship not only with Vanda, but with yoga itself. In doing so, it offers insight into the heart of yoga, not as twisting the body into elaborate poses but simplicity in contact with the breath and body and a letting go instead of striving to achieve. In short, I found the book inspirational and will read it again, and probably, again.

Lovely powerful small book

Mitzi Fenstock on 6th Apr 2012

This is a lovely, powerful small book written with great love and respect on the part of the author for her years spent with Vanda Scaravelli. Not a yoga manual as such, in careful prose it nonetheless reveals some of Vanda Scaravelli's key teaching principles and approach to yoga, such as careful attention to the breath. Accompanied by beautiful, crisp photographs of nature, I would recommend this moving and evocative book to all yoga practitioners and anyone with an interest.

Like a Flower

Yvonne Cattermole on 6th Apr 2012

This is a beautiful book with poetic prose and photographs that entice you in. I felt I glided through the book, learning what yoga can be. I was given an intimate view of the relationship between Scaravelli and Sabatini. You can feel the deep love and respect Sabatini has for her teacher, honouring her in every chapter. A relationship that offers challenges but supports Sabatini as she discovers her road, the 'single one'. This book offers all practitioners of yoga possibilities of new images, insights and affirmations, whatever their experience.