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Jack wants to put on an acrobatics show in time for the holidays. Every week he practices doing somersaults and building pyramids with Mum and Dad. Do you want to join in the fun too?

Jack’s Acrobatics is a collection of 24 acrobatic exercises for the whole family. From simple practice games to acrobatic tricks, Jack’s Acrobatics brings pure pleasure to young and old and helps with the development of motor skills along the way.

'Wonderful!' Peter Duncan in his foreword.

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2015 | hardback | 80pp | 210x210mm
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A book to experience and have fun with

Eleonora on 10th Mar 2016

JackÕs Acrobatics is a fun practical book. Full of games ideas to play while helping children mastering physical skills and improve self-awareness. <br />Today there are proven benefits of play therapy and roughhousing to reconnect with children while teaching them to positively express themselves and channel their energy into something constructive and educational rather then for it to possibly explode in frustration and tantrums. <br />JackÕs Acrobatics is a very modest book and it doesn't go into those details. It very simply and discretely mentions what each game is good for, eg. Self-confidence or co-operation etcÉ and again very simply and discretely explains the theory behind the fun at the end of the book. <br />I think we should all learn to play more and have fun. This will in turn form healthy functional relationships. This is a book to live by and it makes a perfect gift. Highly recommend &#9786;