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The Actor's Essential Guide to Surviving the Casting and Getting the Part

The audition is the most vital part of what you do as an actor. Brendan McNamara's successful career as both an actor and casting director gives him a special insight into the audition process, which he shares in this fresh and insightful book. Developed from Brendan's popular workshops for actors, this practical and up-to-date guide gives you all the inspiration and advice you need to give a great audition.


  • How to approach agents and casting directors.
  • The types of auditions you are likely to face.
  • The pitfalls of the waiting room.
  • The dangers of under- and overpreparing.
  • What to wear and not to wear.
  • How to deal with recalls.
  • The seven deadly sins of auditions.
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2011 | paperback | 112pp | 216x135mm

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Fantastic Casting Director guide

Angela Peters on 8th Oct 2012

It's difficult to find a practical, hands-on book that details everything an actor needs to know and consider for any audition, but this book did exactly that.<p> It was also a welcome reminder about the "dos and don'ts" of castings, which is easy to forget if you've been in the business for some time.<p>Immediately after reading this I used some of the tips for an audition the very next week. Fantastic read for any actor in the business!

It's the Audition, Stupid!

Taya De La Cruz on 6th Apr 2012

There are so many books out there dedicated to the casting process that are not very helpful, but this one definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest. I've been an actor for a couple of years and it gave me so many useful tips that I have bookmarked and will add to my personal notes to take with me to auditions. Thanks for being so honest about the casting process and injecting some Irish humour into it!

It's the Audition, Stupid!

Luca on 6th Apr 2012

Got it day after published direct from Pinter & Martin, shipped in 24hrs!, read it in 2 hours, amazing, excellent read, informative, funny, own to earth, fresh, intelligent, personal and deeply honest, simply a joy to read, makes you want to meet this cool guy even more!! I couldn't recommend it enough! Enjoy it!