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Birth In Focus offers the reader a chance to see birth made real. Water birth, breech birth, twin birth, Caesarean birth – all are shown in ‘photo stories’, with accompanying text written both by the woman and her midwife, and sometimes also the partner or a child who was present.

Clear images of the birth process provide an excellent educational tool for students, as well as offering inspiration to those who may not have had the opportunity to see birth in this way. A chapter on reflection points for practitioners will help professionals and birth supporters explore further the issues highlighted in the individual stories.

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2016 | paperback | 208pp | 220x170mm
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Birth in focus

Tiki Hills on 24th Jul 2020

Becky has written an inspiring account of many different births. As an aspiring midwife I found the content both interesting and insightful. Thank you Becky, and families in the book for sharing your stories for me to learn from and enjoy

A wonderfully illustrated celebration of birth

Sophie Messager on 16th Jun 2020

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, and this unique book does just that. Birth in Focus provides fantastic information through a mix of empowering birth stories and wonderfully detailed pictures of the birth process. It demystifies the medicalised aspect of birth and places it back firmly where it belongs: within the family and community space, as an extraordinary every day event. Essential reading for birthworkers and expectant families.


Jas Jones on 12th Mar 2017

This book is so close to my heart! It's pictures and stories show the beauty of birth in such an awe inspiring way. A fantastic resource for anyone working with birthing women and indeed women themselves, allowing them to truly believe in the empowerment of birth.

The joy of birth

Jo on 13th Feb 2017

Birth in Focus is a unique and glorious book. My hope is that through its existence a calm and happy home birth will become ever more widely available.<br />The purpose of the book is practical, it educates and demystifies. But equally its realisation is poetic, exciting, and very touching. In reading this feast of adventure stories I often had a smile on my face and a tear in my eye simultaneously. I was spellbound.<br />This book is a record of how birth can be a gentle and joyful experience and it is also an aid to bring that about. Ê<br />We see the intact perineums stretching beautifully and smoothly thanks to the peaceful, unhurried atmosphere. We see the leisurely cutting of the cord by dads and children. Like the mothers giving birth we have total trust in the skill and experience of the midwife. We see women surrounded by their loving friends and family, feeling safe and empowered as they give birth.<br />People who have not previously looked closely at this area of life may be startled initially but thereafter they will be enthralled and reassured. This book deserves to reach the widest possible audience, and it will bring about much good.

THE birth book

Daisy Dinwoodie on 27th Nov 2016

Of all of the birth books I have recommended, including Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Baby Catcher, New Active Birth etc, THIS one is the one I will always now suggest women and their partners see and read. It is easily the loveliest, most informative, beautiful book I have read on birth. I learned so much, and all without feeling as though someone was trying to teach me. The narrative style of personal perspectives and heartfelt accounts of birth are so raw, honest and warm that I felt myself there. I needed to stop during and after each story to feel all the emotion raised in them. Each story is truly unique and beautifully supported by Becky and her team. There is also no 'right way' to birth nor any preaching.<br />The only downside to this book is the sadness I (and I am sure hundreds of other women who knew it firsthand) feel that the Albany Midwifery Practice is no more; that this type of continuous care and support is now a thing of the past.

Beautiful and necessary

Rebecca Schiller on 20th Oct 2016

Birth in Focus is a beautiful and necessary book by a midwife who has seen the reality of safe, positive, respectful birth and wants to share that with others. The stories are engaging - a fascinating insight in to how birth feels to a woman, her partner and the midwife who is supporting the family.<br /><br />The photos are real slivers of an often-unseen world. An empowering and realistic snapshot of the beginning of life and motherhood that I believe could give women confidence in their bodies and those caring for them a sadly all-too-rare insight in to uninterrupted birth.<br /><br />I cried from the first page to the last and gobbled it up in one sitting. I'm looking forward to reading again and I know I'll be lending this brilliant book to friends and family. Thank you Becky - you are an inspiration.

That's the way to do it

Rosamond Palmer on 27th Sep 2016

At last, itÕs happened, a wholly accessible presentation of wonderful birth stories. Becky Reed has created a book which literally illustrates that giving birth is a joyous celebration. When mothers and mothers to be are given continuity of care and midwives are allowed to exercise and develop their skills, then giving birth is a positive experience and not a (potentially doomed) medical procedure.<br />I know IÕm biased because my daughter Lilly and my granddaughter Amelia feature. There is a photo of them on page 24/25 and the expression on AmeliaÕs face seems to be saying: ÓHey Mum, look what we just did.Ó <br />It is a sorry state of affairs that in this country most women view their birthing experiences with negativity. It wasnÕt what they hoped for. Not all the stories in ÒBirth in FocusÓ tell of everything going to plan, I laughed and cried as the birth stories unfolded and new decisions were taken. What prevails through all of the stories is that the clients trust Becky and The Albany midwives to help them make informed choices. <br />The photographs are amazing and shining through all of them is the womenÕs dignity, their power and the love that is shared when humanity gains a foothold. The AlbanyÕs client base of multicultural London reflects a diversity of mums with a diversity of presentations. IÕd be hard pushed to think of a mum to be who didnÕt relate to at least one of the contributors.<br />I wish we lived in a world where similar stories to the ones contained in this book are the norm. This book is an insightful example of how women carry the joy of the day they gave birth with them for the rest of their lives.<br />I celebrate all those who contributed to this book. I hope health professionals, parents to be, NCT teachers and PHSE teachers read this book and then share it. ItÕs an inspiring read.

A beautiful chronicle of births

Elizabeth on 20th Sep 2016

I was absolutely blown away by this book. I started by flicking through the photographs, thinking to read it later, but I was soon sucked in by the pictures and before I knew it had read several birth stories! The births themselves take many varied forms; are told from several perspectives, including the midwife and the mother; and accompanied by graphic photographs from the perspective of the midwife. The angle makes the photographs graphic but not shocking, and my children were interested in them without being upset. The accounts of the mothers really give an insight into how this kind of dedicated maternity care, so rare in our system, can have enormous outcomes for the families using maternity services, even where pregnancies are considered high risk and consultant care is included in the care package. A moving work of art and language.