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Would you like your experience of giving birth to be enjoyable? Do you see giving birth as an exciting journey into places in your body and mind you have never been to before? Do you imagine that childbirth will transform your relationship with your partner? All these aspects of birth are well within the realms of possibility.

Certain easily mastered "tools" can ease discomfort and make labour and delivery more manageable – even pleasurable. Special types of breathing, massage, visualisations and postures can be learnt and practised at home and put to use, as you choose, throughout the different stages of your labour. Even if medical intervention is required, these tools can help make birth a more positive experience.

  • Demonstrates the natural "tools" that can ease pain and promote progress
  • Suitable for all types of deliveries
  • Helps a pregnant woman work with her body, her partner and her baby
  • Techniques are easy to learn and can be practised at home with a birth partner.
  • Variations are given to fit in with a woman’s individual experience
  • Fully illustrated throughout by pregnant couples
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2017 | paperback | 128pp | 240x166mm
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Beautiful and practical

Karen Hall on 3rd Oct 2018

This is a nice book, a keeper for sure. Beautiful Birth is an attractive, slim volume with an immediate appeal to anyone looking for practical techniques for coping with childbirth. It has two main sections. The first section covers breathing and visualisation, positions for labour, and massage. It gives an uncomplicated rationale for why these things are helpful, and a step by step approach to practicing them during pregnancy, and using them during labour. It does include a little more chinese medicine and shiatsu than I would normally be comfortable with, but actually the book is so useful that for once I’m not going to make snarky comments about that. The second section is on preparing for birth, and is a straightforward explanation of what happens and how a woman can use the coping techniques from the first section, to help herself have a positive experience. Its approach to planning the birth is about connecting with yourself and reflecting on what kind of environment and support feels best. It touches on decision making when things don’t go to plan, and very briefly on the “fourth stage” of labour, meeting the baby. I think most pregnant women could find something useful in Beautiful Birth, whatever kind of birth they are expecting; it’s never unhelpful to have some strategies for bringing calm. It’s a shame the pictures are not more ethnically diverse, but I would generally recommend this book.