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Pinter & Martin’s acclaimed Why It Matters series tackles the topics that really matter to parents and those who support them, from pregnancy and birth through to sleep, feeding and support with mental health.

This sampler gives a taste of what you can expect in each volume: expert authors, an up-to-date perspective, the voices of other parents and clear, factual information. You’ll want to add the whole collection to your shelves.

All profits from this sampler are donated to The Human Milk Foundation.

This sampler includes chapters from:

  • Why Your Baby’s Sleep Matters by Sarah Ockwell-Smith
  • Why Hypnobirthing Matters by Katrina Berry
  • Why Doulas Matter by Maddie McMahon
  • Why Postnatal Depression Matters by Mia Scotland
  • Why Babywearing Matters by Rosie Knowles
  • Why the Politics of Breastfeeding Matter by Gabrielle Palmer
  • Why Breastfeeding Matters by Charlotte Young
  • Why Starting Solids Matters by Amy Brown
  • Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter by Rebecca Schiller
  • Why Mothers’ Medication Matters by Wendy Jones
  • Why Home Birth Matters by Natalie Meddings
  • Why Caesarean Matters by Clare Goggin
  • Why Mothering Matters by Maddie McMahon
  • Why Induction Matters by Rachel Reed
  • Why Birth Trauma Matters by Emma Svanberg
  • Why Oxytocin Matters by Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg
  • Why Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma Matter by Amy Brown
  • Why Postnatal Recovery Matters by Sophie Messager
  • Why Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Matter by Rehana Jawadwala
  • Why Baby Loss Matters by Kay King
  • Why Infant Reflux Matters by Carol Smyth
  • Why Tongue-tie Matters by Sarah Oakley
  • Why Formula Feeding Matters by Shel Banks
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